February 7, 2019


Monitoring the performance

Scorecard to follow multidisciplinary KPIs together and correctly, despite calculations complexity.
Provide​ a 360° scorecard understandable at a glance, with dynamism and fluidity.

Your indicators harmonized at a glance

Same look and feel for multiple disciplines, multiple aggregations, different periods, different units.

Scorecard for KPI performance monitoring | Spoom

Track all ratios out of the box : growths, scores, delta, …

Track all KPIs and not only the easy ones

Enjoy a complete metadata model to freely define your indicators.

Indicators model for performance monitoring | Spoom

Avoid the frustration caused by the lack of flexibility and the underestimation of the varieties that characterize a KPI.

Measure what matters, whatever the source

Integrate absolutely all types of data
from databases, DWH, flat files, BI platforms, web URL, API, …

Multiple sources for kpi performance monitoring | Spoom

Keep your preferred method for data flow: SQL, Talend, Tableau, Qlik, SAP, Oracle, Scripting, …
Inject measures and dimensions regardless of their granularity.

Dynamism and fluidity in analysis

Only a powerful engine can make it possible to switch between
different periods, products, geographies, and other dimensions in a fast and fluid way.

Scorecard live kpi calculation | Spoom

In addition to the complexity about KPI calculation, your scorecard should allow you
to navigate, compare and analyze the counterparts comfortably.

Optimize your energy invested right now!

fall in love with our 4 modules​

Strategic planning software | Spoom

Plan your strategy

Define your vision, your strategy frameworks, your focus areas, and deduce efficient indicators and goals for your business.

Strategic planning software | Spoom

Align, cascade, discuss

Communicate dynamic strategy maps to your team, cascade the corporate plan with personalized view for each role, centralize every assets in a BI catalog, and make room for discussion.

Strategic planning software | Spoom


Evaluate the situation and track the evolution of indicators according to the targets in a powerful scorecard. Keep a complete 360° view understandable at a glance.

Strategic planning software | Spoom

Execute actions

Discover cause-effects impacts between KPIs and associated actions in projects portfolio. Browse from your projects to the vision through a dependency tree.

Let's get that together

You'll love the way we approach data science and performance monitoring, such as business intelligence, for years now.

"In business, the idea of measuring what you are doing, picking the measurements that count like customer satisfaction and performance… you thrive on that."
Bill Gates