February 7, 2019

Cascade Strategy

Keep people on board

Cascade dynamic strategy maps, concrete for everyone through the organization, with interactions and comments.
Gather indicators definitions and links to BI assets with your strategy to keep your team focused on the vision.

Show actions & KPIs impacting results

Give an obvious and inspiring track for your decision makers.
Get a clear view of who’s responsible and how this impacts the strategy.

Strategy map Stakeholders | Spoom

Save time by displaying score and figures next to your indicators.
No need to drill through multiple dashboards and reports to focus on the adequate KPIs.

I know what I need to do

A personal concrete view of the dynamic strategy map according to my role.
Everyone in the organization understands its actions and impacts.

Cascade strategy in organization | Spoom

Keep people focused and motivated with concrete and relevant strategic content.
Get a personal actions list, directly linked to KPIs and rewards.

Enhance everybody with better understanding

People lack involvement?
It’s complicated to understand the stakes, the goals, the calculations of a key performance indicator ?

KPI definition in strategy | Spoom

Bring explanations and definitions to your fingertips.
Some support where the decision maker needs it.

Your strategy map as BI entry point

Ease access to dashboards and reports across the company.
Give importance and trust to validated content.

BI catalog in strategy | Spoom

Your strategy is viewed only once and then forgotten?
Business Intelligence assets are lost everywhere on multiple platforms?
Use your strategy map as your analytics entry point with Spoom.

Consider and understand feedback from the team

Keep resources focused and motivated with news and achievements communication.
Link comments and objects in your “single version of the truth” platform.

Discussion in strategy communication | Spoom

Avoid confusion by discussing results in “ping pong” e-mails.
Get team interested and updated with the strategy and the performance.

Optimize your energy invested right now!

fall in love with our 4 modules​

Strategic planning software | Spoom

Plan your strategy

Define your vision, your strategy frameworks, your focus areas, and deduce efficient indicators and goals for your business.

Strategic planning software | Spoom

Align, cascade, discuss

Communicate dynamic strategy maps to your team, cascade the corporate plan with personalized view for each role, centralize every assets in a BI catalog, and make room for discussion.

Strategic planning software | Spoom

Measure your performance

Evaluate the situation and track the evolution of indicators according to the targets in a powerful scorecard. Keep a complete 360° view understandable at a glance.

Strategic planning software | Spoom

Execute actions

Discover cause-effects impacts between KPIs and associated actions in projects portfolio. Browse from your projects to the vision through a dependency tree.

Let's do something amazing

You'll like to digitalize your strategy, to provide inspiring plan, and to keep your team on board aligned with your vision.

"Talent wins games,
teamwork and intelligence win championships."
Michael Jordan