February 7, 2019

Operations Strategy

Focus on impacting actions

Jump easily from strategy to operations planning.
Bring project managers through the operations strategy, the impacts and the vision.

Release the links between kpi and actions

Understand which actions are running to increase your indicators.
Spot KPIs under covered by programs or projects.

Actions impact KPIs in operational strategy | Spoom

Navigate from the strategic plan to the actions of the operational plan.
And discover the impacts of your projects on the strategy.

Operations and strategy linked together

Jump easily from the strategic indicators, to the corresponding projects in your Project Portfolio Manager.

Project portfolio and operational plan | Spoom

From the implementation sheet of your project, reduce the disruption by directly linking strategic KPIs.
And so bring your projects managers in your strategic communication.

Optimize your energy invested right now!

fall in love with our 4 modules​

Strategic planning software | Spoom

Plan your strategy

Define your vision, your strategy frameworks, your focus areas, and deduce efficient indicators and goals for your business.

Strategic planning software | Spoom

Align, cascade, discuss

Communicate dynamic strategy maps to your team, cascade the corporate plan with personalized view for each role, centralize every assets in a BI catalog, and make room for discussion.

Strategic planning software | Spoom

Measure your performance

Evaluate the situation and track the evolution of indicators according to the targets in a powerful scorecard. Keep a complete 360° view understandable at a glance.

Strategic planning software | Spoom

Execute actions

Discover cause-effects impacts between KPIs and associated actions in projects portfolio. Browse from your projects to the vision through a dependency tree.

Let's get that together

You'll love the way we link operational planning and strategic planning together, and seal the rupture.

"Operations keeps the lights on, strategy provides a light at the end of the tunnel, but project management is the train engine that moves the organization forward."
Joy Gumz