February 4, 2019

Strategic Planning

Strategic planning made easy

An inspiring vision, values that represent you, and correct focus areas.
Strategic planning with frameworks to guide you, according to your situation, where you want to go.

Keep goals pertinent and up-to-date

Start easy from your current situation at corporate level.
Integrate your business targets and financial plans in your new strategy framework.

Goals and targets for Strategy | Spoom

Merge target figures from multiple sources and aggregations.
Keep goals pertinent and up-to-date by actualizing targets during the exercise.

Save time with the strategic frameworks library

Unhide “uncovered areas” where your organization should focus on.
There are certainly some indicators relevant to your business.

Strategy framework McKinsey 3 Horizons | Spoom

Time consuming to read and get information about how to choose correct strategy frameworks ?
Win hours by selecting from a list of proven frameworks, or import your own frameworks !

Get focus areas suggestions and don’t loose too much time

Focus Areas expand on your Vision Statement.
Start to create some structure around how to actually get your organization to achieve its goals.

Strategy Focus Area Vision Values | Spoom

Focus Areas should be easy enough to remember so that any employee you bump into in a corridor should be able to easily recap them.
No longer than 5 words each. Not too broad. No jargon. No metrics.

Need guidance to be told what to do ?

Don’t miss important KPIs that a full strategy for your business should cover.
Get inspiration from proven KPIs libraries for your activity.

KPI library for Strategy | Spoom

Are my chosen KPIs correct ? Have I chosen enough KPIs ? The good ones ?
Get the support you need to touch the next level with Spoom.

Optimize your energy invested right now!

fall in love with our 4 modules

Strategic planning software | Spoom

Plan your strategy

Define your vision, your strategy frameworks, your focus areas, and deduce efficient indicators and goals for your business.

Strategic planning software | Spoom

Align, cascade, discuss

Communicate dynamic strategy maps to your team, cascade the corporate plan with personalized view for each role, centralize every assets in a BI catalog, and make room for discussion.

Strategic planning software | Spoom

Measure your performance

Evaluate the situation and track the evolution of indicators according to the targets in a powerful scorecard. Keep a complete 360° view understandable at a glance.

Strategic planning software | Spoom

Execute actions

Discover cause-effects impacts between KPIs and associated actions in projects portfolio. Browse from your projects to the vision through a dependency tree.

Let's do something amazing

You'll like to digitalize your strategy, to provide inspiring plan, and to keep your team on board aligned with your vision.

"Without strategy, execution is aimless.
Without execution, strategy is useless."
Morris Chang